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A Bunch of Award! Loved It !!!


For the entire weeks I've got some award from my lovely blogger friend, I collect this for sure and my case will fully of award now . They're so nice to give me this, and I really need to say sorry because didn't do my homework a.s.a.p. Oops! But I have reason guys, coz I need some time to choose my honourable friend to except this award NEXT !! hehe..

1st Awards From Melani (thx mel, to make sure 'no homework' for this award)

Award Kepedulian dan Kesetiakawanan

Award Persahabatan

Award mel buat sahabat-sahabat blogger

2nd Awards coming from couple of friend who really care to give me this lovely awards. They are: Mba Fanny, Anna, and Te3ka

3rd Award from Mrs. Anna & Uke (thx..thx..thx Dear)

it's cute, isn't?

4th Award Come From ANNA (a bunch from you dear...)

Last But Not Least
The 5th Award From Faiz, who give me this such cutie animal award named: Perpetual Smiling Blogger.

Unfortunately this have some Rules for award above (red. perpetual):

* Copy the questions below.
* Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each questions.
* You can’t use any answer twice and don’t use your own name for questions no 3 & 4.
* After you’re done, tag 10 people.

The Questions:
1. What is your name? Maya
2. A four letter word: Milk
3. A boy’s name : Malik
4. A girl’s name : Monita
5. An occupation : Manager of Project Control
6. A color : Magenta
7. Something you wear : Muffler
8. A type of food : Mozarella
9. Something found in the bathroom : Mirror
10. A place : Mal
11. A reason for being late : Morning Sickness
12. Something you shout : Man oh man!
13. A movie title : Mulan
14. Something you drink : Mango Juice
15. A musical group : My Chemical Romance
16. A street name : M. Thamrin
17. A type of car : Mercedez (hmm...)
18. A song title: Monalisa (Britney Spears)
19. A verb : Meal

Phewww... that's hard! But cool enough, so I need to tag my coolest friend to do this job also. And tarraaaaa... this is the top 10 luckiest number:

4. TE3KA
5. UKE
10. ETHA

Cheers galz, it's always nice to share.. hehe..

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